Monday, January 14, 2013

New House Rule - The Player Character Entourage

As we discussed last game, here is the formalized ruling for having 'back up' players characters. I’ve also update the Google Docs "House Rules" to include this one.

Entourage Rule: Each player may roll up one extra character, of whatever class they desire, to act as their ‘back-up’ PC. This second character will be a henchman/hireling of the primary character and follows all the rules for henchmen/hirelings (i.e. morale checks when necessary, half share of xp and treasure, etc).  In the event the primary character meets an unfortunate and permanent demise, the ‘back-up’ PC gets promoted to be the new player character. The player may then promote one of their other hirelings/henchmen or roll another character to become their new ‘backup PC’.

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