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Westmist Session #90 - Bears, Birds and Bodies

Pickets had detected the Bear barbarians moving through the forest and towards the vulnerable Ram tribe. While Tzarn the High Ram organized his men to guard the main body, the party (Kern, Bjorn, Erijay, Jasper, Lomar and Guy) prepared to receive the attack at the head of the column. There seemed to be some time before their attackers emerged from the thick forest, so Bjorn began the process of summoning the air elemental with his censor. Meanwhile, Lomar called down the blessing of Salue on those about to fight, and also took the opportunity to cast animal growth on one of the barbarian ram-riders nearby, thereby increasing the size of the already giant ram to gargantuan proportions. Everyone else spread out to prepare for what may come.  After several minutes, a skirmish line of Bear barbarians approached the edge of the wood. There they halted and loosed a volley of spears, one of which dinged Kern in the side of the head. Jasper and Guy responded with bolts and spears, taking out two of the skirmishers. Erijay tossed a fireball at one end of the line, crisping half the remaining attackers and setting the forest alight. Then followed a charge by the giant-giant ram and the rest of the party to finish off the last few.
The party proceeded to loot the bodies while Kern stood guard in case there were more attackers. The sounds of battle could still be heard to the rear, but suddenly a much closer bellowing sound was heard coming from the north. Kern turned to see three large black bears, two sporting barbarian riders, followed by a small group of tribesmen on foot, charging down on the party. Calling everyone out of the forest, Kern turned invisible with his cloak and slipped forward to make a surprise attack. Meanwhile, everyone else emerged from the smoking forest to engage the new foes. Erijay cast a slow spell on the bears and riders, Jasper and Guy flicked more bolts and spears, and Lomar sent the giant-giant ram and rider into combat. A flurry of spells and stabbing ensued, but the bear riders held their ground. At least until Bjorn finished summoning the elemental, which he promptly dropped into the midst of the bear riders. That, coupled with a few magic missiles, back stabbings and other shenanigans was enough to clear the field and for looting to proceed again.

The sounds of battle died behind them as well, and when the party met with the High Ram later in the day, he reported some losses to the tribe's warriors, but otherwise all went well. Tzarn was anxious, however, to put their enemies behind them and cross the Great River. He was therefore not interested in Kern's plan to turn the tribe around to go looking for the "Hanging Tree", about which the party had learned from an old journal in the wyvern hoard looted some time earlier. "The Hanging Tree" is a massive fir tree in the Forest of the Bear, where  the Bear Tribe barbarians disposed of  and display the bodies of those who trespass their territory. The diary described the branches of the tree hanging with numerous human and humanoid corpses, many still  dressed and equip as in life and with obvious wealth. Kern insisted to the party that such a treasure so near by could not be ignored, and in the end they agreed. Tzarn meanwhile agreed to take the tribe across the river and await the party no more than 4 days before moving on and turning his tribe loose on civilized lands.

With little time to spare, the party moved deeper into the dark, wintry forest. They found their path led them back along the route taken by the attacking barbarians, at least until the falling snow hid the tracks. However, the two day march was uneventful, and in the afternoon of the second day they approached their goal. Ahead could be seen a massive fir tree breaking through the forest cover. Around the top flew several dozen dark shapes, ravens as far as could be seen.  Kern slipped forward invisibly to scout, and found  a large clearing below the tree. Above he could see the bodies hanging, but nothing else seemed to be present. He called the rest of the party forward, and they gathered below the fir and tried to figure out the best way to get all the loot. In the end, Guy was given Erijay's potion of flying, and the henchman sent up the tree to cut down the bodies for the rest of the party to loot once they hit the ground. This seemed to work at first, until someone noticed the ravens were descending, circling the tree and approaching the party. Guy tried to get above them, hoping to smash a few to the ground with falling bodies, but he was intercepted on the way and had to fight for his life. The rest of the birds fell on the rest of the party. Jasper immediately shouted "close your eyes!", and whipped out the preserved medusa head to turn the flying things to stone. Alas, the head not being fresh, it did no such thing this time. The ravens descended and began to peck at everyone's eye's and heads. Casting blindly, Bjorn loosed some magic missiles, Erijay a blast from her wand of cold,  and Lomar called down a curse on the flock. To the distress of them all, no birds fell in this onslaught. However, another blast from the wand, a web to pin one lot of ravens to the tree, and a few bolts from Jasper and Kern took down about half the birds. The rest flew back up the tree and out of range, leaving the party alone. Who proceeded (after some first aid and healing of course), to get on with the "cut down corpse and loot" process. In this they were successful, gathering a fine collection of coin, gems and jewelry, as well as a few possible magical items (a mace, potion and a huge tome). Kern also collected the desiccated remains of one body, obviously a lady of some importance based on the cornet and signet ring she wore. The merchant figured someone might pay handsomely for the remains, assuming he could figure out who she was and from whence she came.
With evening falling, the party restrained Lomar form igniting the giant tree and quickly headed back east, to put as much distance between them and the tree before they made camp for the night.

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Westmist Session # 89 - Winter Wandering with Barbarians

... they are surprised to see that two brains they assumed were floating in the tank were actually lurking behind it. And they had sharp beaks and nearly a dozen razor tipped tentacles. The pair of weird creatures levitated overhead , and descended down on Erijay and Kern. Kern, lacerated and impaled by a mass of tentacles, found himself lifted off the floor as the thing started to carry him out of the room.  Erijay loosed a charge from her wand of cold, while Bjorn fired a trio of magic missiles. Khoog lashed out with his axe and Kern was able to winkle a dagger out of his boot and stab into the brain-creature carrying him. The two creatures still foughton, and the second now struck Erijay, paralyzing her and lifting her to be carried off. Bjorn saved the day by webbing Kern and one brain-creature in the entrance to the lab, and then using another trio of magic missiles to drop both to the floor in a spray of cerebral fluid and ichor.

Once everyone was recovered, they turned their attention back to the tank. Behind it Kern found a large metal plate (10'x5'), steel on one side and silver on the other. After a quick gp-equivalent calculation, he decided it was not worth trying to drag out of the dungeon. Back to the tank, he tried to figure out how to get the three remaining brains safely out of the pits of the Gann, thinking they might be useful in the Cerebral Shield. In the end, he simply plopped them in a sack and carried the dripping mess to the snowy and blustery surface.

Once there, Erijay and Kern were getting ready to trek back to Westmist. But Khoog would not allow that. He had been sent to make sure Kern returned to the tribe for his wedding to Wazara, the chiefs' twice widowed sister. And to lead the tribe across the wintry wastes of the Untamed Lands to their new promised lands around Westmist. Oh right, that little detail ...

Back to the tribes main encampment they went, and after a few days of preparation and exchange of wedding gifts between the bride and groom, the day of the celebration came. After the traditional slaughter of the wedding ram and consumption of the raw heart by the bridal couple, Kern was surprised to discover he had to wrestle his new bride to determine who would be head of the household. Stripping to their skivvies and lathering up with lanolin, the two met in a circle of drunken, hooting barbarians. Kern was somewhat perturbed to see his new wife was much more muscular and stronger than he had anticipated. At a signal from Tzarn the High Ram, the match began. Time and time again, Kern grasped Wazara, only have her throw off the hold. A couple of times, she likewise had the merchant down and almost pinned. In the end, however, Kern prevailed, pinning Wazara and gaining title as head of the household.

With the matrimonial wrestling match complete, the rest of the tribesman began setting up matches and making bets. One large brute by the name Toruga of the Double Straight Horn, challenged Bjorn to a match. The magic user accepted, but in just 10sec found himself pinned and poorer by 100gp. Erijay choose not to participate, but instead used the time to ask some of the drunken tribesmen about Kerns' new bride. Apparently she had been married off by Tzarn twice before to important allies, each of whom mysteriously died after they were no longer of use to the High Ram. Humm ...

The celebration raged on for another day, but then it became time to prepare the tribe for the trek through the winter snows. Tzarn summoned his new brother-in-law and demanded Kern provide a plan for getting the tribe safely through the winter snows, and past both the Tribe of the Bear to the north and the Tribe of the Wolf to the south. Kern mumbled something about Mr. Windy, and powerful magic and so on. Nothing very convincing, but with Tzarn nursing a raging hangover, it was enough for the chief. It took a few days, but soon the whole tribe had assembled: 150 warriors, 120 old and infirm, and nursing mothers, 130 children, and 7000 sheep. Piling their worldly good on sledges pulled by giant rams, the tribe set off, with Kern and a hand picked scouting group of tribesmen in the lead. Erijay and Bjorn hung back with the main body, keeping close to Tzarn the High Ram.

The slow trek trough the foothills and onto the plains was uneventful, but that all changed when the tribe stopped to rest at midday on the fourth day out. Kern was still ahead scouting, and Erijay and Bjorn were standing outside the High Rams tent when the witchdoctor Koza approached, accompanied with Khoog and a dozen barbarians. They all looked edgy, and Koza demanded the elf step aside so they could enter the tent and consult with Tzarn. Erijay tried to delay, and Bjorn quickly cast invisibility, and started to summon the air elemental just in case. Koza was impatient, however, and with a gesture from him, a half dozen of the barbarians grappled and, after a brief struggle, pinned the elf maid. Koza, Khoog and the others then pushed into the tent, and soon the muffled sounds of fighting could be heard through the thick felt. Bjorn ceased his summoning, and rushed invisibly inside, while Eirjay began to scream for help from those loyal to the chief. Inside, Bjorn could see Tzarn surrounded by enemies, battered and bleeding. Laying dead on the floor were the High Rams bodyguards, as well as one of the attackers.  Bjorn cast a web spell, entrapping Khoog and most of the barbarians. The witchdoctor turned, cast a spell, and suddenly the three dead tribesmen rose to their feet as zombies and turned to attack the mage. That was all the break Tzarn needed, and he lowered his head and rammed into the witchdoctor with his ceremonial horns.   While Bjorn fought the zombies, the chief struck Koza twice more with his horns, and the witchdoctors' battered and crushed body fell dead to the floor. The chief then walked over to the webbed rebels, and cooly drove a spear through each head, leaving only Khoog. Under questioning, Bjorn and Erijay now learned that Khoog was a grandson of the previous chief, said chief having been usurped by Tzarn. Koza had recruited him to join the witchdoctor in taking out Tzarn and ending this foolish plan to move east to Westmist. The old entrails-reader could see no good coming of such a move. Questioning complete, Tzarn finished Khoog off with his spear.

The tribe was shaken by these events, but Tzarn now put much trust in the party, and the trek continued. More days of cold travel ensued, with little to break the monotony until the eighth day. Late in the afternoon, Kern and his scouts observed a cloud of snow to the south, obviously being kicked up by a large group of something approaching. As the tribe pulled back into a compact, defensible group, Kern, Erijay and Bjorn went out to confront whatever it was. After some time, they could see a figure on horseback leading a group of men or similar creatures. As they got closer, they could see the rider was dressed in heavy black robes decorated with skulls, and his stead was a skeletal horse. The rest of the creatures were battered hobgoblin and human zombies, obviously the dead of last seasons hobgoblin invasion. The rider (Xoltac) halted, and presumptuously demanded they party provide 'recruits' for his army or he would turn them loose on the party and tribe. The party demurred, and when the conversation began to get heated, they ended it with a quick fireball and a series of magic missiles  and crossbow bolts. Once the ashes cooled, Kern looted a purse of coins and gems from Xoltecs' crisp body, as well as a weird staff made of fused human bone and a suit of black lacquered plate mail.
Moving on, another week found the tribe on the banks of the Great River. Kern scouted ahead hopping to find the magical Starbridge spanning the river, but to no avail. He returned to the main body, and it was decided to get to work building rafts using trees from the surrounding forest. They had just started to organize the tribes labour, however, when from the woods came a loud roar and out poured a hoard or Bear Tribe barbarians ...

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Westmist Session #88 - Brains ... Brains ...

Khoog refused to spend another night below ground, so he left Erijay and Kern (with Bjorn) to bed down with the centipede-women. They were joined the next day by Lomar and Jasper, and the cleric had his work cut out for him healing all their wounds. That done, exploration continued. In particular, exploration to identify a way to get in behind the metallospiders and hopefully get the drop on them. Descending the long spiral staircase, the party passed through a door just above and opposite the one they'd encountered the spiders last time. Behind it were stairs going down and a spiral staircase going up. As the party started past the spiral stairs, a pair of metallospiders surprised them from above, dropping onto Erijay and Kern in the front rank. Lomar fired his web bracelet and  entrapped both, but also caught Erijay in the sticky mess. Thankfully, the rest of the party was able to destroy the two metallospiders and retrieve Erijay before any serous harm was done. Investigating where the spiders had come from, Kern climbed the spiral stairs and found a small dead end tunnel. Out of the wall protruded two small pipes, surrounded by globs of metal. Next to each was a lever. After some soul searching, Kern decide to pull a lever. And was doused in a spray of hot molten metal.
Once Kern stopped screaming, everyone decided it best to  head down the other stairs instead of poking around with the tubes any further. These stairs led to a tunnel, then an opening in the tunnel floor. Handholds led down,  and Kern was about to try them out when a flying ape rose out of the pit and attacked. It was quickly slain, and Kern tried climbing down again. But only after Lomar tied a rope around the merchants waist, just in case.  Lowering himself down, Kern found himself dangling above a bizarre mass of glass tubes, wires, pipes and valves. A circle of glass tubes sat in the middle of the room, each large enough to hold a person. Deciding it would be best to find a more direct (and easier to flee through) entrance, the party dragged Kern back up and returned to the long staircase. Just about to open the door, Kern now heard scurrying noises on the other side. Fearing more metallospiders, Kern pulled open the door and Erijay cast a web to block the passage above. Which, luckily, was where the spiders were lurking. But not metallospiders this time, just regular run of the mill, giant poisonous black widow spiders. With the spiders barred behind the web, the party descended even further down the stairs, and were able to walk right into the strange laboratory when the reached the bottom. They could now see that two of the glass tubes were filled with liquid. One held a humanoid skeleton with three arms and two heads. The other was a murky, opaque mess. On the west wall was a huge switch. Kern played around with the valves for a bit, and learned he could fill the empty tubes with some kind of broth or protoplasmic goo. He then went over the throw the switch, at which point the liquid filled tubes began to glow green-blue and a loud hum filled the room. Not sure if they should tinker any further, Kern shut down the power and the party headed east.

There, they encountered another steel door, which opened easily. On the other side was a huge room, with multiple floor of steel grating above and below. A strange blue glow faintly lit the whole area, and before they could proceed into the room, the mechanical voice of an unseen metallospider challenged them. And warned them to leave and NEVER return, or suffer the consequences. The party did try to engage in some conversation to figure out what made the metallospiders 'tick' so to speak. The were able to learn that the creation of the Gann which they'd been designed to run was a machine built to destroy the world! With that sobering fact, and the fact that they could not see their adversaries, the party prudently decided to retreat and forget about their bargain with the centipede-women. Time to focus on finding the Cerebral Shield and get the heck out of these depths. So they retraced their steps back to the blood-thristy head, and tried to feed it the blood of the slain flying ape to get more info. Alas, it still did not speak. Next step, Lomar tried to dispel the angry air elemental Bjorn had inadvertently trapped below. No luck; Salue did not hear his prayers. So back to the surface and a night of rest before they delved once more.
Starting again at the head, they followed Erijays directions. They got so far, and then turned back up towards the surface. There they ran into two strange laboratories. One contained what appeared to be two steel coffins, held upright on metal racks and filled with weird foam. On one was a dial with 8 settings. Lomar crawled in one and had Guy turn the dial to 7. Everything hummed and glowed, but Lomar emerged unharmed except for a little missing hair. The second laboratory contained a chair with metal straps at arms and neck, plus a large arm dangling overhead, with various saws and drills attached. Next to it was a steel cabinet with a dial marked from 1-10 on it. Kern managed to pick the lock, and opened it to find 10 jars, most of which contained a head in some kind of preserving fluid. Human, non human, and one medusa head. Which luckily Kern avoided looking at closely and therefore avoided getting turned to stone. And which Jasper popped into a sack for potential future use. No one wanted to sit in the chair, so they headed out and went further down to try picking up the right path to the Cerebral Shield. They found themselves moving to the west, and shortly came to a rope bridge spanning a wide gulf. And swirling around it, still trapped, was the air elemental. Lomar tried once more to dispel, and once more failed. Salue must be angry with her servant! In the end, Bjorn and Erijay blasted the trapped thing from a distance with spells, and Kern with bolts from his magic crossbow, until it finally dissipated and left the way open for them to continue.
Just past the bridge they encountered another strange lab. In this one they found two metal tables in the center of the room, and shelves with glass jars containing preserved body parts lining the walls. At the far end of the room was a metal cabinet and a big glass tank in which floated a number of brains. Kern again unlocked the cabinet, and inside found a small glass ball on a chain. Inside were three interlocking rings and in the top a hole with a plug. Also in the cabinet was a convoluted distillation apparatus, and a book. Kern gingerly opened and read the book, and found that the little glass ball was the Cerebral Shield of the Gann. He was a little perturbed to find that in order to provide mass protection against mind affecting magic, the glass  ball had to be filled with the freshly distilled essence of a fresh humanoid brain. Well, might as well start with the brains in the tank. As the party started to recover the brains from the tank, suddenly ... TO BE CONTINUED 


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Campaign Reference - The Far Isles

Langushur is known as "The Far Shore" for good reason. A mountainous coastline isolated from the rest of the civilized world by vast bayous and fens, the city states and towns of the region make a living from and on the sea. But always within sight of land. For as long as men have lived on the shores of Langushur, on the horizon lay a permanent bank of mist and fog. Ships that entered it never returned. Over many lifetimes of men it remained, a reminder that there were some places mortal men were not meant to travel.
Until two months ago, when suddenly one morning, the peoples of Langushur awoke to find the horizon clear. The brave crew of one ship hoisted sail and headed east. And returned weeks later with an unbelievable tale to tell. They told of a previously unknown archipelago of hundreds of islands, stretching across the eastern sea. On some could be seen fantastic ruins of a unknown age and provenance. On others could be seen strange creatures, and strange men. And treasure, examples of which the sailors scattered on the docks as proof of their tale.

As word spread, ships from all over the Wesrae and Easrae began to arrive in the once backwater of Langushur. On board with the crews who sailed the ships were bands of hardened warriors, desperate cut-throats, questing acolytes and wizards in search of lost magics. To these lay the task of landing on and exploring these dangerous new shores ...

Style of Play

The campaign will start out with the player characters acting as the hired 'away crew' on board a vessel of their choosing. As such, the ship's captain will ultimately determine what and where the PCs explore in the Far Isles. They can of course try to influence the captain, or jump ship and sign on with another captain, but freedom off choice will be limited at first. However, at some point the party will likely end up with a vessel of their own; by purchase, mutiny, boarding action, whatever. At that point, the campaign will become a wide open sandbox (or saltbox to be precise). The PC's will be free to sail and explore wherever, whatever, and however they like. There will be no prescribed story line or course of action beyond what the players decide.

The setting is Late Medieval - Early Modern, with a vaguely Age of Discovery feel. Black powder guns and pikes, conquistadors and landsknecht, pirates and cutlass, Types of adventure depends on what the players want to do. Dungeons to loot, over-land and over-ocean exploration, intrigue among the ships' crews, colonization and kingdom building? Players choice.

Rules details, character creations, and more detailed information below the break.

House Rule - Firearms
While isolated, the cites of Langushur are more technologically advanced than many other areas of Easrae
and Wesrae. In particular, the wizards and craftsmen of the Far Shore have discovered the secrets of black powder and firearms. And a new class of warrior, the musketeer, has arisen to make use of these new-fangled weapons.

Magic users, thieves, halflings, and classes restricted to one handed weapons may use pistols. All other classes may use both pistols and muskets. Musketeers are specially trained in the use of firearms, and have certain advantages when using them as described below and in the Musketeer class description. 

At the start of the campaign, the only available firearms are matchlock pistols and muskets; other firearms may make an appearance as the campaign progresses. The matchlock firing mechanism is a lit match cord, a fuse that burns slowly. When the trigger is pulled, the match is pressed into the priming pan and the powder charge ignited to fire the gun.

25’ / 50’ / 100’
2 lb
50’ / 100’ / 200’
10 lbs

Other Equipment
Powder Horn
       Holds 50 shots
1 lb (empty)

Black Powder
       10 shots
0.5 lb
Shot Bag
       100 round shot
10 lbs
Match Cord
       Per Foot
0.1 lb
Black Powder, Barrel
       1000 shots
40 lbs

Firearms - Disadvantages

A lit match cord burns at a rate of 1 foot every 6 turns; the maximum practical lengths of match cord is 3 feet. Due to the acrid odor and light, the presence of a lit match cord will make it difficult under most circumstances to surprise an enemy. Lighting a cord takes 1d3 rounds.

Black powder weapons are prone to misfiring; the powder discharges but the ball does not fire. Misfires occur on any 'to hit' roll of 1-2 on 1d20. Damp conditions double the chance of misfire (1-4 on 1d20), while wet conditions quadruple the chance (1-8 on 1d20). The chance of misfire is halved for musketeers (1 in 20, 2 in 20 and 4 in 20, respectively). After misfiring, it takes 3 rounds to clear the firearm (2 rounds for musketeers).

Firearms take 3 rounds to reload after firing (2 rounds for musketeers).

Accuracy drops off dramatically beyond short range. 'To hit' penalty at Medium and Long Range are -2 and -3 respectively.

Firearms - Advantages

All firearms do a base 1d8 damage. However, whenever a hit does maximum damage, the die "explodes". That is, another 1d8 is rolled, and this value added to the total damage. This continues as long as an "8" is rolled for damage.

Firearms are noted for their ability to penetrate the toughest of armor. When using firearms, ignore 5 AC points of physical protection (for example: armor, hides, thick carapace, etc) when firing at short range. Armor is treated normally at medium and long range.

The discharge of a firearm is a loud, odorous and flashy endeavor. Discharge of a firearm automatically forces a morale check for creatures with a morale of 7 or less. The first hit from a firearm will also force a morale check in any creatures. This may be the first creature hit in a group, or the first hit on an individual creature. There will be exceptions to this rule as determined by the DM.

Unlike other missile weapons, a pistol may be fired when the shooter is engaged in melee. Both pistols and muskets may be wielded as a club in melee.

Lamentations of the Flame Princess "Firearms" Rules; Barrel Rider Games "Buccaneers and Bilge Rats";  BX Blackrazor "Bow, Crossbows and Guns"

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Character Class - The Calmonari

Requirements: CON 9
Prime Requisite: CON
Hit Dice: 1d6
Maximum Level: 11th
Fight as: Cleric
Save as: Cleric
Armor: Any (but see special abilities below)
Weapons: Any

When men first arrived to settle the shores of Langushur a millennium ago, they found  another sentient race already there. The calmonari are a bipedal amphibious race that have lived along the eastern edge of Easrae since the beginning of time. They stand about 7' tall, with salmon coloured skin, webbed hands and feet, high domed heads and huge eyes. Equally at home on land or in the sea, the calmonari dwell in stone and crystal villages that straddle the low tide line. They are generally a peaceful race, with strong affinity for the creatures of the deep. They generally get along well with humans and demihumans, and it is common for towns and villages along the Langushur coast to have a calmonari settlement attached or close by. Noted for their skill in working precious metals and gems into intricate and abstract forms, calmomari often adventure to gain the treasure and wealth to feed their desire for such decorative works.Due to their extensive interaction with humans, calmonari speak the common tongue in addition to their own language.

The calmonari must have great stamina to survive in the depths. The prime requisite for the class is CON. A score of 13+ gives a +5% XP bonus, while a score of 16+ gives a +10% XP bonus.

Special Abilities 

Swim: In addition to being able to move normally on land, calmonari are accomplished swimmers. Swimming movement is 180' (60'). Note that a calmonari wearing any armor heavier than leather, or who is more than lightly encumbered, is not able to swim.

Luminescence-vision:  Calmonari are able to see the natural bioluminescence of the ocean with great acuity. Treat as having infravision when in salt water.

Amphibious: Calmonari can breath water as easily as air.  However, their skin does dry out after being out of water after some time. A calmonari may remain out of water for the number of days equal to his CON. For each day beyond this, he will suffer a -1 to all saving throws and 'to hit' rolls, and a -1 penalty to CON. One full day in salt water allows the calomnari to recover all adverse effects. If CON drops to zero, the calmonari dies.

Aquatic Telepathy: Calmonari are able to communicate with all aquatic creatures using a limited form of telepathy.   Feelings, emotions, and general disposition are passed along. Complex thoughts and ideas cannot be communicated.

Aquatic Charm: Deeply empathetic with all sea creatures, calmonari may cast Charm Aquatic Creature once per day. The effects are the same as the magic user spell Charm Person, but the size of creature charmed is limited to 1HD for every 2 levels of the calmonari.

Find Traps: Calmonari have a 2in6 chance of detecting traps. Come on, you know why.

Reaching 9th Level

When calmonari reaches 9th level, they may build an underwater or tidewater stronghold, and will typically attract a community of other calmonari who build a settlement around it. The stronghold will also attract 1d4 sea creatures appropriate to the location (such as dolphins, octopi, crayfish, giant fish, etc)

Calmonari Level Progression
Hit Dice (1d6)
+1 hp*
+2 hp*
* Hit point modifiers from constitution are ignored


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Character Classes - The Vivimancer and Aquamancer

Two new spell casting classes for the Far Isles campaign; the Vivimancer and the Aquamancer. Neither of these are my own creation, but are lifted with just minor changes from "The Complete Vivimancer" and "Wizardzine #1" by Gavin Norman.

For most purposes, both may be treated the same as the standard magic user. Their prime requisite is INT. A score of 13+ gives a +5% XP bonus. A score of 16+ gives a +10% XP bonus. Both advances in level as magic users (i.e. same hit dice, spells per level, experience points).

The vivimancer and aquamancer may use all magic items typically available to magic users, with the exception of spell scrolls. Spells found on scrolls may only be added to the vivimancers or aquamancers spell book if they are included  their regular spell list. Spells that are not on their list may still be cast from the scroll, but there in a 10% chance of failure per level of spell being cast, with potentially catastrophic consequences. Similar restrictions apply to magic user and elves who try to cast spells from vivimancer and aquamancer scrolls.