Friday, July 27, 2012

Westmist Session #9 - Goblin Gotterdammerung

The next expedition into Stonehell featured an expanded party; Turrick was a little beat from slogging through the swamp, so he chose to sit out this trip. Erijay and Rylee were instead joined by Eazam, a fighter eager to show his daring and skill in the dungeon. Also coming along was Kern, a merchant with a flair for acquiring items, and his mule Sweet Jenny.   Rounding out the party were the dogs Fifi and Ruff.

After taking some time figuring out how to get the mule down the stairs, the party found itself back in the familiar entry hall.  Reviewing their previous explorations with the newcomers, the party chose to explore the area west of the old Open Sore tribe lair to fill in the blank areas on their map. Kern and Eazam both showed their worth by leading the investigation of the first halls, Kern sneaking ahead to scout and Eazam bolding taking the torch and lead when opening doors. A pair of giant toads were encountered and quickly dispatched.  A group of hungry fire beetles followed, who were dissuaded from attacking when Rylee threw the dead toads into their midst, which the beetles proceeded to rip apart.  Cautiously, the party exited opposite the beetles to continue exploring, but only after Eazam collected some mushrooms from one musty room, continuing a party fugal tradition.

The party next explored a serious of octagonal room, similar to those encountered before but with different themes.  In the desert chamber, they encounter a sphinx who challenged them with a series of riddles. Though at first unsuccessful, and suffering the sphinx’s dusty breath as a consequence, the party answered the second riddle easily and were rewarded with a treasure of coins, two Potions of Extra Healing, and a Wand of Metal Detection. In the chambers of the sea, a series of tunnels dug out of the wall were found but avoided, while in the chamber of the jungles  a pile of offal and junk was cleared of giant centipedes and Eazam recovered a quiver of 3 arrows +1.

Further exploration brought the party in contact with a goblin outpost. These proved to be members of the Wolf Gang tribe, who recognized and were overjoyed to see the “Elf Witch”. In the conversation that followed, the party learned that another goblin tribe had settled in the old Open Sore orc lair. Although the Spider Rider tribe was originally invited to help the Wolf Riders fight the orcs, they had taken over much of the area themselves and the Wolf Gang were not pleased. Kern, showing his wily merchant side, took the opportunity to bargain with the goblins, to see what they would offer the if they helped the goblins deal with the Spider Riders.  Taken to meet the Korag, the goblin chief, a bargain was struck where the Wolf Gang tribe would join forces with the party to eliminate the Spider Riders. In return, the party could have all the treasures recovered except for a single piece to be chosen by Korag.

Goblin squad in tow, the party set up an ambush at the four way intersection near the former orc lair. They then sent one of the goblins down the corridor to knock on doors and yell insults at the Spider Riders before running back. This brought four goblins, who were quickly dispatched by missile fire and melee.  Trying to repeat the tactic, the party found the goblins adamant that they weren't going deeper into the lair to act as bait. Kern, after learning a few goblin curses, played the bait instead. Quite successfully, as somewhere between 15-20 Spider Rider goblins chased him back to the intersection. Here, the party laid a barrage of oil, torches and Erijay`s Sleep spell. This took care of all but two, who fled back to the lair. Following, the party confronted the remaining goblins, three riding on giant spiders. Trapping them in a room, they pelted the area with oil. This not only made it all but impossible for the spiders to charge due to the slippery floor, it again resulted in a fiery inferno and a lot of charred goblins and spiders.  Only one goblin survived, the Spider Riders chief. He charged the massed group and went toe to toe with Erijay before falling to the fangs of Fifi. 

 Fetching Korag, the party broke into the goblin treasury and looted a load of silver coin and a number of gems, the largest of which was claimed by the Wolf Rider chief. Loaded with treasure, the group parted ways with the goblins and headed back to Westmist to rest and refit.

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