Sunday, March 29, 2020

Forest of Wyrd Session #4 - Off to the Barrow


Jonesomon (Specialist 1)
Ethanna Brightward (Wyrd Paladin 1)
Baihu Cerrit (Magic User 1)
Gnarl (Wood Gnome 1)
Vergarious (Changeling 1) [NPC]

Safely though the gate, the battered group had only two thoughts; rest for them and returning Peta and Alish to their mother. They headed back into Brackenrae and knocked on Gwynna's door, and presented her two surviving children. This did not go as planned, for as soon as she learned the children had been in Faerie, she immediately rejected them as faerie-cursed and turned them out. No amount of argument and persuasion would change her mind; nor did the party have any luck finding another relative or kind soul to take them in. In the end, they bought the girls new clothes and bedding, and let them stay the night with the party in the stables of the "Nymph and Knight" Inn, that being all they could afford [Jonesomon correctly noted that their inaugural adventure cost then more silver than they made]. They spent several days in rest at the inn, receiving treatment from Fyn the Physician and wandering the market replacing lost gear. An attempt to sell  rotting mazegill mushrooms to the sniveling alchemist Jaskin was unsuccessful, but they had more luck with the goblyns at the still active fair.  

After a few days, they party was ready to move on and look for the barrow of Guri Bin Gur and it's supposed hoard of treasure free of the touch of fairy. As for the two girls, the owner of the inn, Cederic Aletower, was happy to take them on as indentured servants to help out around his establishment. He seemed above board, and with no other options, the party agreed. Peta and Alish were signed over for 12 years of servitude, with the understanding that they could have their contracts bought out in future [400sp / year each] if the party so desired.

Following the directions of the old man from the Gobyn Fair,  they followed the road west for a day before branching off to the north along the banks of a small stream. They followed a series of overgrown paths, unsure of where they would end up as thick woods didn't seem  a likely place for a barrow. After a few hours, Gnarl walking point overheard voices on the trail ahead. Everyone melted into the woods while the wood gnome slipped forward to investigate. He spied a man's body, hanging from a branch over the trail. It was cut open from crotch to throat, and below stood two little brown men, catching the blood in their hats and cackling madly. Gnarl stopped that with an entangle spell, and the rest of the party burst from the woods and finished off the pair. Cutting down the body, the party gave it a hasty burial next to the trail, then recovered the dead mans' donkey and wagon from just around the bend before moving on. 

A few more hours of wandering brought them to a 4-way intersection where stood a mos covered marker stone. Scrapping off the growth uncovered a image on the west side, of a stick figure standing on top of a dolman/lintal under a full moon or sun.  Jonesomon concluded this meant they should head west, and so they did. A few more hours brought them to a stream and pool, with more trails to the north-east and north-west. Following the one north east led after a couple of more hours to a small clearing, with trails exiting south and south-east. On the northern edge was a large fountain with a priapistic Pan-figure. The area around the fountain looked cared for, unlike the rest of the overgrown trails they'd traveled thus far. They led the donkey over for a drink, and noted the bottom of the fountain was covered in silver coins. One was fished out, but then tossed back in. Baihu in turned tossed one of her few silver penny's into the water and made a wish, followed by a few others in the party. This didn't grant any wish, but did draw a pair of satyrs [Hyalus and Latreus] from the woods beyond. They were guardians of the fountain, which was holy to their god Pan. The two thanked the party for the offering, and noted should they have hurts that needed healing, immersion in the waters of Pan would help them. Asked about the barrow, they replied it lay to the west. They knew little about it, but did tell the party that to find the entrance, they'd have to pass east twice through the dolman gate. 

It was getting late in the day, they party decided to rest in this clearing for the night, trusting the two satyrs to watch over them as they served their 101 days guarding the fountain of Pan. 


1 Donkey and Cart

2 Redcaps


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