Sunday, January 12, 2020

Forest of Wyrd - A Few Points About the Campaign

A few other points to note about the Forest of Wyrd Campaign:

· Silver Standard: Base coinage in the Forest of Wyrd is the silver penny rather than the gold piece. LotFP uses a silver standard rather than gold anyway, so this agrees with the rules. From a setting perspective, gold is typically mistrusted as much of that found in the Forest is faerie gold i.e. may be cursed, disappear at the wrong time, etc.

· Experience: 2XP per silver penny of treasure looted ... er salvaged. XP will also be awarded for magic items, using the values in the AD&D 1st Ed DMG as a guideline. There will quite a bit of magic which will be largely useless in a mechanical sense, but worthwhile for XP and ‘story’ value.

· Cold Iron: Fey and demi-fey creatures take double damage from cold iron. Cold iron is unalloyed, pure iron that has not been quenched or tempered. Which means it is quite brittle and prone to shatter/break. Any time a cold iron weapon hits in combat, it must pass a saving throw or the weapon is thereafter useless until repaired. Note also that due to the difficulty in forging cold iron, weapon cost is also doubled.

· Unique Monsters: Most of the monsters will either be unique or ‘fey’ versions of standard monsters. In other words, don‘t assume the thing that looks like a goblin is just a typical 3HP cannon-fodder goblin.

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