Saturday, March 25, 2017

Far Isles Session #58 - Death Among the Fishes

Rodrigo (Swashbuckler 4), with henchman Corvus (Fighter 2)
Kwinsea (Aquamancer 5), with familiar Hermes and henchman Jaz (Elf 1)
Chaff (Vivimancer 5), with familiar Pretty Bird
Abdul el Abdul (Fighter 5)
Awg Wahmn (Calmonari 3)

Once inside the room with their paralyzed comrades, (plus the bodies of the slain chief and witch-doctor), Jaz, Rodrigo and Abdul el Abdul spiked the door shut to better keep out unwanted visitors. And while waiting for the paralysis to pass, they gave the room a good going over. There was no furniture, just piles of mangy sleeping furs on the floor. Scattered about a fire pit were also numerous bowls and gourds, while on the walls was a wooded rack full of skulls, some newer furs, and dangling charms of bone. Jaz rooted around in the furs and then checked out the skulls, finding a handful of gems hidden inside one of the decorative craniums. Abdul el Abdul searched the two bodies, and was disappointed to find nothing of interest. The trio then looked about for another exit. The smoky and soot-stained room suggested there wasn't even  smoke hole of any consequence, and a search for secret doors confirmed the only way they were getting out was the same way they came in.

And speaking of the door, there was now noticeable activity outside. Feet moving past, sounds of low voices and some other uncertain activity. They soon found out what was going on: the sound of flames crackling and smoke creeping under the door told them someone was trying to smoke them out. The three wet some of the furs and stuffed them under the door to block the smoke, while Abdul el Abdul smashed some skulls to make bone caltrops to spread in front of the entrance just in case. The room was soon filling rapidly with smoke, and there was only a foot or two of fresh air left at floor level when the paralyzed party members finally stirred. With everyone back in fighting form, fighting is the form they chose. Abdul el Abdul hammered the spikes out of the door, and threw it wide open. Outside on the balcony they could faintly see human forms through the haze, fanning the flames and driving the smoke into the room. Abdul el Abdul stabbed blindly into the smoke, and cut down one of the forms, while Corvus shot and paralyzed another with a poisoned arrow. Finally, Kwinsea fired off another fear blast, and the rest of their foes starting running for the exit.

The party let them go, deciding to focus on what they could find deeper in the temple instead of tangling once more with the blasted natives. After quickly breezing through the three rooms off the north balcony (all of which were similar to the chiefs room in terms of contents), the party them formed up and marched into the tunnel below the great carved face. They did not get far before running into a crudely built wall of stone, which had a great stone slab laid upright against it. With some rope, grappling hooks and muscle power, Abdul el Abdul and Corvus hauled it down with a BANG! It was covering a crude opening, through which the party now passed. As the corridor twisted back and forth, they examined the floor, noting signs in the dust ages of the recent passage of human feet. In particular, Corvus noted at one point that the footprints moved to the side of the corridor, avoid the centre altogether. The party wisely decided to do the same, assuming there was some foul trap waiting in the middle. They came to an old wooden door. They first listened, then Awg searched it for traps. The calmonari noted nothing, so Abdul el Abdul added another door to his 'battered down' list, and the party moved on in.

In the centre of this room stood a 4' tall pedestal, on top of which sat a stone box with two hinged doors. The box itself was nondescript, except it was carved with some sort of alien or inhuman abstract geometric patterns. On the floor next to it was a scatting of sticks made of human femurs, a trio of gem inlaid bowls and bits of other old debris. Another door stood on the far wall. Chaff scooped up the bowls (and a few of the bones) as he looked around the floor. The little vivimancer observed that the dust was very disturbed in front of the pedestal, but barely so in front of the other door. A check beyond that door revealed a collapsed corridor; which, after a short time shifting rubble, the party decided to ignore. So it was back to the box on the pedestal. Based on the tales told by Oltau and other hints in the room, the party figured the mind-controlling god-statue was hidden inside the box. Realizing that looking at the statue would be bad news, the party hatched a plan. They all stood behind the pillar, on the opposite side from the box' doors.  Kwinsea held up her mirror so they could see, and Abdul el Abdul opened up the box. Inside was a small statue of gold and coral, depicting a humanoid with a smooth head, large eyes, a tentacled sphinctered mouth, and a body that ended in three long tentacles with flukes. Abdul poked it with a gantlet-ed hand, and the statue wobbled a bit. Well, at least it wasn't nailed down. So Awg hauled out a sack, held it below the statue, which Abdul then proceeded to topple into the bag before wrapping it tightly and placing it in his backpack.

With no where else obvious to go, they party backtracked to the stone slab. There, curious about the 'trap' in the hallway, they grabbed a few heavy stones and tossed them at the floor. After a few hits the floor gave way with a crash, quickly followed by a splash. Looking down into the resulting hole in the floor, the party could see water below. This looked like a job for aquatic Awg and his levitating sword. Tied off with a rope just in case, Awg floated down into the hole, finding him/herself in a water filled room. Looking up, he could see that some rotted beams had given causing the ceiling/floor to collapse. The calmonari poked around the room  a bit, noting that the water was about 4' deep and that a small school of albino fish swarm about below. Awg used the calmonari charm on them, but learned little other than the fish were hungry. A passage led north, and Awg headed that way to explore, passing a half dozen small cells with rusty bars before coming to an east-west corridor. With no obvious danger, Awg called for the rest of the party to climb down the rope, and they were soon all chest deep in water (except Chaff, who floated along on a door Corvus had been using as a mantlet.)

The party now decided to split up, with Abdul el Abdul and Awg Wahman headeing left down the corridor, and the rest checking out a door at the east end of the corridor. Corvus forced the door, which opened into a huge water filled chamber. Probing forward, he noticed the water got much deeper, so Kwinsea volunteered to go for a swim and check it out. She discovered that the water was about 15' deep, but had little chance to search more as she was surprised by the appearance of three albino sharks. Two clamped down great bites on the aquamancer before she was hauled out of the water by Corvus, who then slammed the door shut to keep their attackers barred in the room.

Meanwhile, Abdul and Awg followed the flooded corridor, coming to spot where the passage continued up a short staircase to a platform above the water level. The platform was only about 20' long, at which point stairs led down into the water again. At this point, hearing Kwinsea's screams, the two backtracked to meet the rest of the party.  After binding the aquamancer's wounds, everyone decided the continue along the corridor rather than risk the door and the sharks again. Coming again to the platform, the front rank of Abdul el Abdul and Rodrigo were just starting to descend into the water when they noticed a frenzy of activity below the surface. They retreated just as a pair a giant piranhas broke the surface and madly hurled themselves half out of the water at the two warriors.  The pair stood their ground, slashing away at the toothed fish. Chaff, meanwhile, cast instinct on the two, forcing one to forego attacking the fighters to instead try putting some moves on the other piranha.  Alas, it's place was taken by a previously unseen third fish, and the already weakened Abdul el Abdul was taken down by vicious fishes before the rest of the party finished them off.


5 gems (1000go, 1200gp, 500gp, 800gp, 50gp)
3 gem inlaid bowls(500gp each)
gold and coral statue of some sphincter-mouthed monstrosity (2000gp, but cursed)

2 Native Warriors
3 Giant Albino Piranha

Abdul el Abdul

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