Tuesday, November 2, 2021

History of the Forest of Wyrd - The First Age

In the beginning, there were the spirits of the Forest, manifestations of the nexuses of power over which the wood lay. Over time, some of these started to grow stronger and more sentient. Eventually, the greatest of the spirits became the defacto rulers of the Forest of Wyrd: the Green Man, the Prince in Yellow, and the Black Mother. The three took on different parts of the forest as their own; the Green Man took the trees and the growing world, the Black Mother the depths of the earth and caverns below, and the Prince in Yellow the skies and cloud above. For help and companionship, the Green Man uplifted seven spirits to become the Daughters of the Green Man. Likewise, the Black Mother lifted up [REDACTED]. The Prince in Yellow, meanwhile, choose [REDACTED]. And for untold millennia, the Forest stood undisturbed and in balance. Then the first newcomers came, dwellers from the Fey realm that lay as a shadowed veil behind the mortal realm. First there came [REDACTED], humans who had been enslaved in Faerie and discovered a way to form gates through the veil. These were few and caused little disturbance in the Forest, so the spirits let them be. These men were followed by seelie fey, driven from Faeire by their darker kin. These fit well with those creatures dwelling in the Forest, and they too were allowed to stay. But when the dark fey started to cross over the barrier between space and time, they brought strife and war, and so the three powers of the Forest wrested the knowledge of the gates from the unseelie, pushed the hoards back beyond the veil, and sealed the gates against further intrusion from Faerie.

After this time, the Forest once more sat undisturbed and at peace for a countless years. And then there appear at the eaves of the forest a new nation of men. These people were the D’war, those first men to spread far and settle the wide reaches of the known world. These were many, and started to shape the Forest to their own liking. As they cut trees, dug into the earth and fouled the airs with smoke, the spirits of the Forest grew angry and turned against them. And so war raged in bower and under bough, causing great death and destruction on both sides. But for all the power of the spirits of the Forest, it was man, ascendant at the prime of his power, who eventually gained the upper hand. And so the Green Man, the Black Mother and the Prince in Yellow turned to their old foes, the dark princes of Faerie. Allying with this power from beyond the veil, they opened the gates and let the unseelie hoards into the Forest. And war most terrible raged again, and the fight turned against the D’war. But they too called on allies, this time the seelie fey of the Forest, who until this point had stood aside in the fray. But they knew their kin and the darkness which they would bring to the Forest, and so joined men in the fight. Though the war was long and hard, the D’war and their allies prevailed in the end, and once more drove back unseelie fey through the gates. In this they were helped by the Prince in Yellow, who had been horrified by the fighting and destruction, and turned away from the Green Man. Likewise, the Black Mother tired of the fight and retreated to her dark places in the depths of the earth, drawing back further from the wood and away from those who dwelled in the surface world.

It seemed the war was over, but the Green Man was still angry. Under the guise of peace offerings, the Green Man tricked the high king of the D’war, Mac Em Doma. [REDACTED] This finally broke the power of the D’war, and the remnants of the tribes scattered to dwell quietly in the Forest. As they were no longer a threat, the Green Man let them be, for he was tired and needed rest.

But soon another arose to lead men. At the height of the war between D'war and Faerie, Liadan, the daughter of the High King, was captured by the dark Faerie lord, Crindis the Hidden One. They fell in love, and she secretly bore a half blood child. Child and mother stayed in the Forest when the fey father was forced back to Faerie at war's end.  And when the child came of age, he claimed rule of the forest as the Half Blood King. Men and seelie fey rallied to his side.  And for a brief time, the Half Blood King ruled all the wood at peace, and took a daughter of the Green Man (She Who Wore the Crown of Stars) as his wife. She bore him a son, the Prince Who Would Be, who could rightfully claim to lordship over all the powers of the Forest. But this golden time did not last, for the Green Man awoke from his slumber and turned once more on those who would claim his woods. He killed the Half Blood King and destroyed his realm. The Prince Who Would Be was rushed off into hiding against the day when he could return and claim his right.

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