Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Spells for Ships and Boats

A few new spells from our recently ended "Far Isles" campaign. Enchantments for boats and boating. Written for Labyrinth Lord, but you're smart enough to use them for any version of the original game I'm sure.

Repair Hull (reversible)
Level: 3
Duration: Permanent
Range: 10’ per level

This spell may be used to repair breaches, warped wood, shattered planks, and other damage to the wooden hull of a ship (or other wooden structure). The volume of wood repaired is 2 cubic foot per level. In terms of ship hit points (SHP), the spell repairs 2 SHP per level of caster. 

The reverse of the spell, warp hull, damages a ships’ hull by twisting or warping the wood, permanently destroying its shape, form and strength. 

Mist Skiff
Level: 4
Duration: 6 turns + 1 turn per level
Range: 0

Casting this spell causes a cloud of mist and vapours to coalesce into the form of a small boat (equivalent to a river boat in terms of size, movement, etc). The boat requires no rowers or sails, instead being propelled by a half dozen misty, vaguely human forms. These rowers take no room. The boat is also unaffected by the effects of wind, waves, and current; it will always move at its base speed, will not be overturned by rough waters, etc. The mist skiff is also immune to normal attacks and damage, and is affected only by magical attacks. 

Enchant Boat
Level: 6
Duration: 1 day or see below
Range: Touch

This spell can be used to enchant one boat; any vessel of sailing boat size or smaller. The exact effects are up to the caster, but in general is can be used to improve one feature of the boat. For example, acceptable uses would be:

Increase speed by 50%;
Increase SHP by 50%; or
Increase cargo capacity by 50%.

The duration of the spell is one day. This is based on the degree of improvement noted above. Lesser improvements will increase the duration. For example, if the speed is increased by only 25%, the duration could be doubled to 2 days. 

Enchant Ship
Level: 8
Duration: 1 day or see below
Range: Touch

This effects of the spell are the same as the 6th level spell enchant boat, except it may be used on a vassal up to the size of a large sailing ship. 

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