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Far Isles Session # 90 - The Sea Hag's Hoard

Rodrigo (Swashbuckler 6)
Awg Wahmn (Calmonari 6)
Chaff (Vivimancer 6), with familiar Pretty Bird
Kwinsea (Aquamancer 6), with familiar Hermes

With Kwinsea out of commison for awhile, and everyone else rather battered a and spell-less, the party decided to head back to the "No Man's Sea" for rest and recuperation. Chaff noted he could use the recently discovered knock spell to open the secret door that appeared to lead outside, and tehnce back to the ship. Everyone thought this sounded like the best way to get out, so they all trekked back across the egg to watch Chaff do his stuff. There were, however, a few doubtful moments when the vivimancer stumbled over some parts of the unfamiliar magic. When he finished, everyone was surprised to see the whole door disappear, leaving a gaping hole though which they peered down on the ocean and the "No Man's Sea" below. Chaff then summoned the ebony fly and everyone was soon back on deck. They found the ship's company in good cheer, and the party settled in for a good 2 week rest while Kwinsea recovered. 

It was an uneventful time, at least right until the last couple of days. On a clear and dark middle watch early one morning, Chaff was awaken from his slumbers by a scream on deck.  Knowing there were just crewman on watch (the middle watch traditionally being Kwinsea's), he jumped out of bed, pounded on Awg and Rodrigo's cabin doors to rouse them, and then ran on deck to investigate. He found the stern castle eerily deserted, the two crew members usually stationed there were no where in sight.  While he checked the  deck, Rodrigo climbed the rigging to get a better view around, and Awg started walking the length of the ship, peering over the side. Over the stern they found a gruesome sight; one of the missing sailors (Bjorn), hanging upside tangled in a rope, his head mostly torn off. Chaff also noted water on the deck, so it looked as if someone or something had climbed on board and made short order of the unfortunate sailors. By now the ship was awake, and the party posted the musketeers to guard through the rest of the night before returning to bed themselves.

The Hag
Next day, the party rested so they would be ready for the night ahead. Their plan was to set an ambush, as they assumed the unknown assailant would be back. Rodrigo disguised himself as a sailor and stood watch in the stern. Chaff hid in a empty barrel nearby, and Awg climbed into the rigging to wait. They tossed a rope with baited grappling hook over the stern to attract whatever might be out there, and posted Jurgen the musketeer where the rope was tied to a stanchion, so he could cut it in case of emergency. Around the middle watch they were rewarded when something appeared over the fantail. It was a grey and drizzly night which made for limited vision, but it was an obviously humanoid shape. The figure hesitated a moment, then moved towards the musketeer, who was back on to it and not really paying attention. Rodrigo watched as the figure moved closer, and was surprised to see it was a beautiful, and completely naked, young woman. As she got close to Jurgan, the musketeer turned and immediately his jaw dropped open and he stood dumbfounded. At which point she sprang forward, opened her mouth, and bit down on his face. As she did so, the beautiful woman disappeared to be replaced by a hideous and repulsive hag. Jurgan screamed, and everyone jumped into action. Or at least tried to; as the transformation was completed, Awg and Rodrigo were so repulsed by what they saw, they could not face the creature. The calmonari jumped over the side, while Rodrigo turned and fled down the deck. That left only little Chaff, who shuffled over the the hag and dropped a web spell on her and Jurgan. He then screamed for the rest of the musketeers, who'd been pre-placed just below deck, and  followed up on the hag with a bone-warp to no effect. Rushing in with halberds, the musketeers hacked and stabbed at the ugly thing while Chaff prepared a dagger with paralytic poison. He had to move fast, as the hag was monstrously string and about to break out of the web. Luckily he scored a hit, and the creature almost immediately stopped moving. Which was good, as the musketeers were in turn starting to fall away in fear. But with the thing dead, everyone sheepishly drifted back to help the now traumatized Jurgen out of the web, and to haul the hag's corpse to the bow to be hung from the bowsprit. 

The party and crew recovered from the attacks over the next few days. When Kwinsea was finally recovered from her near-death experience, the party now had to decide what to do. Go right back to the egg, or track down where the hag had come from? Awg pointed out hags usually lair in underwater caves and the calmonari elders told stories about the treasure they amassed. Well that made the decision easy; off to hunt for the sea hag hoard it is. Awg went swimming and charmed a swordfish he encountered. Bringing it back to the ship, Kwinsea cast speak with aquatic animals  and started questioning, asking it if it knew anything about the sea hag. It did, directing the crew to a nearby islet where the fish ('Pokey) said the hag had it's lair. Asked about any other huge creatures in the waters, Pokey replied the 'man-fish', whose underwater city was nearby, kept the area pretty clear of most dangerous creatures. With that information, and with Pokey trailing behind, Lynessa raised sail, and in just a few hours they lay off the indicated isle. It was essentially a low sand bar with a large limestone cliff rising on the north side. Rodrigo climbed to the cliff top, but could see no obvious caves, entrances or structures. Awg and Kwinsea therefore dove into the sea to check the cliff from below the waterline, while Rodrigo stood watch in one of the ship's boats. Chaff meanwhile, bored on deck, decided to examine one of the crystal fruit. Nothing stood out to him, so the vivimancer popped it in his mouth to see what happened. In the process of gently masticating the crystal thing, he broke off most of his teeth. He spit the bit of fruit (and his teeth) out, noting only that he had the sudden sense of commune with a higher intelligence.   

Back in the water, Awg and Kwinsea discovered a cleft in the cliff. With Awg in the led and accompanied by Pokey the swordfish, they swam in. They didn't get far before encountering a mass of seaweed blocking the way. Awg went forward and stuck his/her arms in the mass. Which then lurched to life, trying to wrap the seaweed strands around the calmonari's arms and draw him into the mass. Awg escaped, pulling back to where Kwinsea awaited. They swam back to the surface, explained what was going on to Rodrigio, and sent the swashbuckler back to get the hag's corpse. Hoping the scare the seaweed thing with it, they dragged the putrefying body into the cave. It had no effect on the seaweed, so Kwinsea cast another speak with aquatic animals  to open negotiations. The seaweed was not really intelligent, and was interested only in feeding.  Awg pushed the hag's corpse into the seaweed, and they watched the green mass engulf it and draw it deep inside.  Kwinsea then offed more food if the seaweed would let them pass in and out. It agreed, and Awg ordered Pokey into the growing mass. After much trashing and a little blood, the loyal swordfish was engulfed, and the seaweed shifted to open a passage at the bottom of the cleft so the two could swim through. 

The two swam deeper into the cave, having to work their way through several splits in the rock as one cleft petered out and another opened up. After a short while they came to a larger chamber, one partly above the water. Here a rock ledge opened into a dry passage. The duo climbed out of the water and worked their way in, finding themselves climbing a steep grade. Encountering another passage sloping down to the left, they choose to keep climbing for now. The passage started to narrow, and just before it got too small to pass, Kwinsea and Awg were surprised when a huge spider dropped on them from above. It snapped at Awg twice, missing each time, and in a short battle he and Kwnisea were able to hack it to death. After checking for treasure on the rock ledge the spider had dropped from (none), they backed up and headed down the steeply slopping passage. 

This led into another, large and dank cave. At the end opposite the entrance, there was a pool of water. Between them and the pool was a mass of junk and debris. Cautiously entering, the two started poking around. They found a mass of bones and other remains, varying from ancient to recent (including what was left of their second lost sailor, Goller). Shifting some of the bone and other offal and debris aside uncovered treasure! Gold and jewelry! Kwinsea and Awg started digging around and trying on various bit and bobs they found. Kwinsea found one of the rings was a ring of regeneration while Awg snatched up a ring of fire resistance and gloves of dexterity. Once the excitement ended however, the aquatic duo had to figure out how to get all this stuff out. They didn't really trust that the strangle-weed would let them pass a second time. The two went to check out the pool. It was only about 4' deep, fed through small cracks in the rock below the surface. There was also a significant flow of water, which spilled out of the pool and flowed towards the western wall of the cave. Going over to look, Awg found a narrow water filled sump. He squeezed through, and after a few minutes emerged into the ocean a few hundred yards west of where Rodrgio waited in the ship's boat. Awg swam over to get the swashbuckler, grabbed his bag of holding and aquatic duo started to ferry treasure out through the sump and back to the "No Man's Sea". There, Chaff used with kaladrian sight and his magical mind to discover there was also a rod of absorption and a couple of treasure maps mixed among the mundane jewelry and gold.


Torc (40gp)
Chain (20)
Pendant Earings (40gp)
Bangle (1200gp)
Orb (900gp)
Fob Chain (20gp)
Rod of Absorption
Gloves of Dexterity
Ring of Regeneration
Ring of Fire Resistance
Treasure Map x2 (4000gp Treasure) 

1 Sea Hag
1 Giant Water Spider

2 crewmen (Bjorn and Goller)

*2xp per gp rule in effects

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