Sunday, June 11, 2017

Far Isles Session #64 - One-Shot Pahu

Rodrigo (Swashbuckler 4), with henchman Corvus (Fighter 2)
Chaff (Vivimancer 5), with familiar Pretty Bird and Riding Dog Puppy Whuppy
Awg Wahmn (Calmonari 4)
Kwinsea (Aquamancer 5), with familiar Hermes and henchman Jaz (Elf 2)
Pahu-Mahu (Thief 3)

With several weeks to kill in Xin while Gorbo whipped up the toxin and anti-toxin, Lynessa whipped the "Purple Haze" and crew into shape, and the spell casters scribbled their new spells, the party took care of a little more business:
  • Awg did the rounds of a few cartographers, looking for maps. Maps of the Far Isles, the area around Xin, and treasure maps if possible. He found little new on the Far Isles; the only places just now starting to appear on the charts were those already well known to the party. Maps of the area around Xin were also largely non existent; it seems that the vivimantic magic infusing the swamp and bayou beyond the city causes the land and water courses to change constantly, making a permanent map nearly useless. He did pick of a map to an isle with "Golden Boats" on it, only 4 days good sail south-est of Xin. 
  • The party also headed to the Flesh Pits to hire a squad of musketeers to help protect the "Purple Haze", especially when the party was absent. The hired a half-dozen hirsute and silk-slashed landsknecht, lead by the gruff Sergeant Rutger, and somehow squeezed them about their crowded ship.
    Landsknecht Marines
  • Chaff led a delegation to visit the Temple of Brall and Munificent Submercer Oha, to try convincing the priest to commune with Brall on their behalf. After a rocky start where-in Chaff insulted the existence of the gods, the priest agree to do so. They asked three questions. Is there still lots of treasure [>5000gp] in the palace at Mandaro-Shanti? (YES). Does the giant god-snake encountered on the previous trip have more than 3 magic items in it's hoard? (NO). Does the giant god-snake have a substantial [>7000gp] treasure hoard (YES).
  • Thinking again about the mysterious shape-shifting Captain de Moncada, the party looked for rumors of any nobles who have been acting weird(er) than usual. They learned that the Margrave Uhlan of the 30 Chains did drop out of the party and spectacle circuit for a few weeks, then mysteriously reappeared. That was much out of character for the  attention-loving playboy.
  • Hoping to avoid further customs payments, the party had a new figurehead carved for the "Purple Haze"; a huge tentacled octopus, hollowed-out inside for use as a secret smuggling hold. 
  • Finally, they took most of their remaining gold (12000gp) and cut a deal with Awg's calmonari brethren. The aquatic craftsmen would use the jewels and gems from the mud Cthulhu cavern to make a magnificent work of art, and the party would split the profit made when it was resold. This would take some time, leaving completion of  this business for their next visit to Xin. 
Margrave Uhlan of the 30 Chains
After a busy visit to Xin, the "Purple Haze" finally proceeded down river and around the Rock of Vexation to the open sea. Lynessa had the crew turn the ship to the south-east and the second voyage to the Lost Jungle Isles was underway. The wind blew a mix of fair and calm, but otherwise the trip this time was uneventful. After seven days they were back where they'd started their exploration the first time; in a cluster of small islands, one of which was the Island of the God-Snake. Which was exactly where they'd decided to go first. Several sneaky options for approaching the lair of the god-snake were discussed, but in the end bull-headed brute force won the day. The party was rowed over to the island by the ship's crew, and with the burly Corvus in the lead, started to hack their way through the jungle to where they suspected the god-snake laired. It took hours of hard work to make any distance in the thick jungle, even with Pretty Bird flying ahead on point. Which was good, for the parrot was able to give them ample warning when it observed signs of something massive coming through the trees. The party spread out among the vines and ferns of the undergrowth, and prepared for battle. Rodrigo used his sword to summon a monkey army, while Kwinsea used the stole to bless the party, and then concealing mist to protect herself. Pahu and Jaz cracked open their paralytic poison to coat a few arrows/bolts. Whatever was approaching was getting closer and closer, shaking the trees as it worked it's way through the branches. Suddenly there appeared, just yards away from Corvus, a massive serpent's head. As it prepared to lunge  at the fighter, Jaz and Pahu loosed their missiles. The elf missed, but Pahu struck right between the eyes, and after a few moments of thrashing about, the huge god-snake became motionless, paralyzed. Stunned at their ease of victory, the party took a few moments to recover before turning on the immobile snake and ensuring it would stay permanently still.
Beehive Dome
That done, the party pushed on, following the snake's apparent path through the jungle. After another hour or so, they emerged into the first real clearing they'd seen on this particular island. The trees here were massive, and around the base it was obvious someone or something had cleared the undergrowth. Also in the clearing was a curious, beehive shaped pile of fitted stone, 20' across and about 10' high. There was no obvious entrance, except of a 1.5' square opening near the top of the dome. Now who was going to squeeze in there ....



1 Giant God-Snake


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