Sunday, July 24, 2016

Far Isles Session #39 - Assault!!

Rodrigo (Swashbuckler 2), with henchman Corvus (Fighter 1)
Kwinsea (Aquamancer 4), with familiar Hermes and henchman Jaz (Elf 1)
Abdul el Abdul (Fighter 5), with henchman Otock (Dwarf 1)
Chaff (Vivimancer 4), familiar Pretty Bird, and henchman "No 7" (Halfling 1)

Having made a gentleman's agreement, it was now left for the party and Captain Solond to agree on a plan for the assault. Soland had planned a diversionary attack across the sand spit, with the main  assault force, ferried over by the party, hitting the ruined fort from the side. Chaff, speaking for the party, suggested two flank attacks with covering fire from the sand spit, which was the plan they settled upon. They also wrung from a reluctant Sergent Lunt that, in the event Captain Soland fell in the assault, the Sergent would honor the agreement with the party. Plans made, the Xin troops and the party spent the rest of the day preparing for that night's attack.

It was after midnight when the troops started to move. The night was dark, except for the fires burning in both Xin and Cha’nrk camps. The northern attacking group, led by Sergent Lunt and accompanied by Otock, Abdul el Abdul, Corvus, Rodrigo, was ferried across to the fort first, relying on the dwarf's infravision to navigate. The Xin musketeers and pikemen were dropped ashore, accompanied by the Sergent plus Corvus and Rodrigo. Abdul el Abdul and Otock the poled away to pick up the second group for the southern attack. Back on shore, surprise was almost lost at once as the group tripped a picket of Cha'nrk crossbowmen. One of the pickets turned to run back and alert the fort, but he was cut down by missile fire from Corvus and Rodrigo. The second, after loosing a few bolts, was hunted down and skewered by the Xin pikemen. After a few more tense minutes, it was clear the fort had not been altered by the ruckus, and everyone could breath easier again.

Meanwhile, Otock and Abdul el Abdul picked up Captain Soland and the southern team, and dropped them off ashore. Abdul el Abdul stayed with this group while Otock poled the raft back to the sandbar to await events. The two assault groups then began to carefully move towards the ruined fort, with Lunt subtly, to Rodrigo's rage and frustration, holding back his half of the assault. As these landings were taking place, Kwinsea and Jaz carried Chaff and No 7 upstream in the ships' boat so the vivmancer could summon the ebony fly unobserved, and fly into position near the fort for their part in the plan. The vivimancer and hench-halfling flew over the Cha'nrk camp and dropped three powder keg-bombs into the lines of tents. These went off with a resounding flash and boom, but did little damage. It was, however, the signal for the attack to begin. The few musketeers left on the sandbar started to lay down covering fire, Jaz slept the few guards on the wall, and Captain Solond and Abdul el Abdul led their assault group up on the ruined walls of the fort. Sergent Lunt was still slowing down his troops though, so Rodrigo resorted to a combination of exhortation, curses and kicks to get the group going, leaving Lunt to fade away into the night. Now led by Rodrigo and Corvus, they also stormed the walls and started to open fire into the Cha'nrk camp below.

The Assault
Which was good timing, as things were already going badly for Captain Soland and Abdul el Abdul's team.  As they mounted the wall, they could see the Cha'nrk troops milling about as a magnificently armored officer tried to get them in order. There also emerged from one tent a frightful figure, dressed in red, black and copper robes, and with a full black beard from which a stream of smoke arose. This figure raised it's hands and pointed at Captain Soland and Abdul el Abdul, both of whom were immediately held in place. Seeing both of their leaders taken out of action, the southern assault team lost heart and turned to flee into the night. All of the Cha'nrk troops now turned their attention to the northern assault group led by Rodrigo. Muskets blazed and men fell on both sides, but the tide was definitely turning against Xin. Chaff and No. 7 returned on the fly, giving support with pistol fire and spore cloud. They focused their attention on the mystery robed figure, as did a handful of the Xin musketeers on the north wall. Rodrigo and Corvus led the Xin pikemen into the Cha'rnk ranks as their commander gathered his troops to counterattack. Chaff, however, took the commander out of the picture by webbing him along with some Cha'nrk and Xin troops.

Insidiator Kolo
As this was going on, the well-targeted robed figure called some nearby Cha'nrk troops to him, and the group began to retreat from the battle. The figure also animated some of the fallen to provide more protection. Alas, this was in vain as he fell to another round of musketry, just as Jaz and Otock arrived from offshore to snipe a few zombies before the remainder of the undead waded into the river and disappeared.

This was all too much for the surviving Cha'nrk soldiers, and they threw down their arms and surrendered. The remaining Xin troops, led once more by a recovered Captain Soland, began to gather prisoners while the party began looting the fallen. They stripped the fine red and black plate mail from the Cha'nrk officer (Commander Phraz), and also relived him of a string of garnet gems. From the fallen Insidiator they took a gold and garnet circlet and a filled silver hip flask. The bulk of the troops, unfortunately, had nothing to take.

It was a long night, but everything was under control by daylight. The Xin soldiers who'd fled   returned to the camp, but there was no sight of Sergent Lunt.  Seeing the depleted ranks of the Xin musketeers and pikemen, Rodrigo and Corvus elected to stay at the fort and assist Captain Soland.  The rest of the party pushed off to continue their journey upstream, with Jaz and Chaff asleep in the boat to rest and regain spells. Their sleep was rudely interrupted a few hours later however, when a group of four crocodiles slide off a mudbank and into the river, headed for the raft. Kwinsea held them off with tidal force, while pistol shots and a grappling hook from Abdul el Abdul convinced the reptiles that there were easier meals to be had.  Abdul el Abdul did haul in the one dead croc, however, and proceeded to skin it to make some boots for  Otock.


String of red jasper on a leather string [300gp]
Gold and garnet circlet [500gp]
Silver hip flask [Potion of Plant Control, flask worth 25gp]
Plate mail +1 - red and black with a flame on the breastplate

Cha’nrk killed: 1 Insidiator, 9 soldiers
Cha’nrk captured: 1 commander, 11 soldiers.
1 zombie
1 crocodile

 9 Xin soldiers, and the deserter, Sergeant Lunt

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