Saturday, January 23, 2016

Far Isles Session #21 - Treasure!

Abdul el Abdul (Fighter 3)
Kwinsea (Aquamancer 2), with familiar Hermes, and henchman Xavier (Swashbuckler 1)
Chaff (Vivimancer 3), with familiar Dirty Bird, riding hound Stinky Dog, and henchman Mumbles (Specialist/Thief 1)
Torak (Cleric 1)
Beuford Bumbletoes (Halfling 1)

Pulling open the trap door, the party found themselves staring down a shaft and into an eerily lit room. The floor of the room was covered in sand, and appeared to writhe and undulate. Chaff had Mubbles grabbed a few rats from the cage he carried, and dropped them down the shaft. This led to two smashed rats, as the 'floor' rose up and used a sandy pseudopod to smash both rodents. Chaff decided this would be a good time to use his paralyzation wand, which froze the thing in place. Abdul then lowered a rope to climb down, but to his shock he could not climb into the opening! There seemed to be a force field or something stopping him. After some experimentation, the party learned they had to just step into the opening to be levitated down (and up). Which in short time, all had done.

The semi-circular room was empty but for the sandy creature on the floor (which Abdul proceeded to slice and dice with his sword). Everyone started to search for secret doors, and Beuford found one in the middle of the straight wall. However, he couldn't open it. It took quite a bit of trial and error to discover they had to touch a piece of stone to the door to get it open. On the other side was the wizards bedchamber. And a plain and dull bedchamber it was. A few pieces of stone furniture and that was it. In the closet Chaff found some funny mineral fibre robes which he decided to wear for a bit. Torak discovered a book, bound in granite covers with pages of black slate, sitting on the desk. He opened it and found the writing to be gibberish to him. Kwinsea, however, recognized it a magical writing, and so cast read magic. The book was titled "On the Witching of Stone", and contained a number of stone-affecting spells and detailed notes on the making of a stone golem.
Black Pudding
The aquamancer scooped up the book for herself and the party headed for the door in the south wall. Abdul opened it, and found on the other side a small circular room. In the centre was a 10' diameter tub or well. Around the walls stood 5 pillars, each holding an object. Abdul strode boldly into the room and approached the tub, out of which shot an oily black pseudopod which struck the unfortunate warrior a mighty blow. He returned the favour with a swing of his sword, lopping off the pseudopod, which fell to the floor. Which unfortunately also turned to attack him, as did another smaller blob formed when Mubbles got into the fight with his spear. And on top of that, Abdul now noticed his armor was starting to dissolve. Luckily the rest of the party now got into the fight, and a barrage of oil and beams from Kwinsea's prismatic ray gem, topped finally by a blast from Chaff's wand, ended the fight. However, not before both Torak and Mubbles fell to the slimy monster. Torak, thanks to some quick first aid, avoided deaths door. Mubbles, however, was not so lucky, and once more Chaff was henchman-less.

Wounds bound and Torak made comfortable, the party checked out the pillars.  They found a range of monetary treasure (gold coins, pearls and a flawless emerald) as well as a stone skull and small ebony fly. Both these proved to be magical. Beuford, the holder of the fly, read the word written on the bottom: "vespis". Speaking it out loud, the halfling summoned a huge fly the size of a hippogriff! Beuford was impressed.

The party climbed back to the main tower and then discussed what to do next. The consensus was to stay in the Magic Isles and explore some more. The logic being the more magic items they recovered for Nalco, the more likely they'd get to keep some of the better stuff. But that required camping out for a few weeks while Torak recovered, which would put their food situation in peril. Torak did weakly note he could use purify food and water on the stuff stuck in the whales' baleen, to feed them on the trip back. Keeping that as a revolting backup plan, Abdul el Abdul and Beuford decided instead to spend time hunting and foraging to gather up a cache of food. Meanwhile, Kwinsea was going transcribe some spells from the book, and Chaff had other plans. He went back to the medusa, Cephenere, and managed over the course of several days to convince the monster to join the party (and not turn any of them to stone) if they freed her from her bonds. A plan that made the rest of the party at least a little nervous.
Village on Stilts
Abdul el Abdul and Beuford had little luck finding food, so once Torak was fully recovered, the food situation was still dire. The party decided to head east towards the next group of islands to explore, hoping to find a source of supplies or quick loot. Sailing around, they found an island floating a foot off the surface of the sea and one covered in a petrified forest. And tucked inside a wide shallow bay on a third island, they spied a village of some sort, built on stilts over the water. Well, that seemed like a good place to look for supplies at least ... 


10 pearls (500gp each)
A Flawless Emerald (1000gp)
Ebony fly
"Magic skull"?
On the Witching of Stone - Spells: 2/Erosion (A), 4/Transmute Liquid to Crystal(A), 5/Wall of Stone, 5/Stone Shape, 6/Flesh to Stone. Plus instructions on how to make a stone golem  for half normal cost and time (6 weeks, 40000gp, user must be 9th level)

1 Adult Sandling + ~100 Juveniles
1 Black Pudding 


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