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Character Classes - The Vivimancer and Aquamancer

Two new spell casting classes for the Far Isles campaign; the Vivimancer and the Aquamancer. Neither of these are my own creation, but are lifted with just minor changes from "The Complete Vivimancer" and "Wizardzine #1" by Gavin Norman.

For most purposes, both may be treated the same as the standard magic user. Their prime requisite is INT. A score of 13+ gives a +5% XP bonus. A score of 16+ gives a +10% XP bonus. Both advances in level as magic users (i.e. same hit dice, spells per level, experience points).

The vivimancer and aquamancer may use all magic items typically available to magic users, with the exception of spell scrolls. Spells found on scrolls may be added to the vivimancers or aquamancers spell book as normal if they are included  their regular spell list. Other spells can be transcribed into a vivimancers or aquamancers spellbook for double normal costs and time. There is a 10% chance per level it won't work, however. In addition, the spell must be rewritten to fit the magical specialty. All re-writes requires the approval of the DM.

Spells that are not on their list may still be cast from the scroll, but there in a 10% chance of failure per level of spell being cast, with potentially catastrophic consequences. Similar restrictions apply to magic user and elves who try to cast spells from vivimancer and aquamancer scrolls.


Requirements: none
Prime Requisite: INT
Hit Dice: 1d4
Maximum Level: none
Fight as: Magic User
Save as: Magic User
Armor: None
Weapons: Dagger, staff, dart, club, pistol

The bayous and fens which separate the coast of Langushur from the rest of Easrae are resplendent with with wild and uncontrolled growth. Huge mangroves, thick reeds and vines, and dark creatures that dwell in and about the waters. The lands and waters are also thick with magic, and those who study the magical arts may learn its secrets. The vivimancer specializes in warping and controlling the forces of nature. They are, however,  not sacred protectors of the balance of nature. They instead bend nature to their will and use, by mutation, transformation and warping of the flesh. The vivimancer also strives create new life forms, through cloning, vat growth or genetic manipulation

Spell List 

All of the vivimancer spells are found in "The Complete Vivimancer". The list is given below. Many of the spells are new and unique to the vivimancer and are found only in the above book. However, many are drawn from freely available sources, as noted below.  Regardless, anyone playing a vivimancer will get a copy of all the spell descriptions.

Bind familiar
Accelerated healing  [t&t]
Absorb equipment
Animate vegetation or fungus
Blood rupture
Accelerated immune system [t&t]
Accelerated reproduction
Chimera I [t&t]
Accelerated metabolism [t&t]
Anthropomorphism (reversible)
Clone monster
Creeping homunculus
Adapt appendage
Appendage growth
Detach (reversible)
Detect poison [t&t]
Arcane sight
Cannibalize [t&t]
Fungal zombie
Echo location
Clone plant or animal
Cannibal rage
Hive mind [t&t]
Edibility (reversible) [t&t]
Decay (reversible)
Hive sight [t&t]
Drone [t&t]
Chaos mind
Immunity to disease [t&t]
Entangle [aec]
Enlarge breed (reversible)
Decode genome
Flesh pocket
Face absorption
Divide body [t&t]
Mind slave
Flesh shape
Fungal growth [t&t]
Feign death [aec]
Plant metabolism [t&t]
Hormone control
Infravision [aec]
Fluid absorption
Plant symbiosis [t&t]
Insect messenger
Gelatinous transformation
Polymorph others [aec]
Jump [aec]
Genetic location
Polymorph self [aec]
Meld flesh
Leeching touch
Hibernate [t&t]
Slime blast
Muscle control
Life energy protection [t&t]
Homing instinct
Speak with plants and fungus
Mutate breed
Nauseating stench
Insect swarm [aec]
Spore blast [t&t]
Natural weaponry [t&t]
Neural surge (reversible)
Leech blast
Swarm transformation [t&t]
Pair bonding
Wall of ooze
Pheromone surge
Polyvorousness [t&t]
Natural weaponry, improved [t&t]
Read magic [aec]
Psionic surge
Neural encoding

Reptilian metabolism [t&t]
Spider skein
Neutralize poison [aec]

Staunch blood flow [t&t]
Overgrow (reversible)

Symbiotic familiar [t&t]

Skin transformation [t&t]
Repel vermin [aec]

Sleep [aec]
Venom [t&t]
Repulsive scent

Speak with animals [aec]
Water breathing (reversible) [aec]
Revert biology

Spider climb [aec]
Warp Wood [aec]
Spying homunculus

Spore cloud [t&t]
Web [aec]
Synaptic trigger

Vitality surge [t&t]
Web Walk
Vats of creation [t&t]

Animal growth [aec]
Anti-animal shell  [aec]
Genetic memory
Chimera III [t&t]
Anti-plant shell [aec]
Charm plants and fungus
Genetic spell encoding
Clone [aec]
Devolution [t&t]
Chimera II [t&t]
Explosive growth [t&t]
Divide mind [t&t]
Flesh blast [t&t]
Instant adaptation
Genetic conduit
Immunity to poison [t&t]
Impregnate [t&t]
Mind mask
Genetic resequencing
Nature's secrets
Life cycle [t&t]
Parasitic implantation [t&t]
Mass devolution [t&t]
Psionic awakening
Organ transference
Regeneration, greater [t&t]
Neural absorption
Regeneration [t&t]
Repel wood [aec]
Replicate life-form [t&t]
Organ transference, greater
Transfer pregnancy [t&t]
Synaptic reprogramming
Spark of life
Regenerative pupation [t&t]
Vats of regeneration
Transformative pupation [t&t]
Vats of creation, greater
Shape change [aec]
Venomous blood [t&t]
Vats of reincarnation
Wall of claws
Stabilize mutation
Wall of Thornes [aec]
Virus [t&t]
Xenogamy [t&t]
Survival of the fittest [t&t]


Artificial intelligence [t&t]

Cannibal holocaust

Clone self

Creeping doom [aec]

Dispersed mind

Extraordinary regeneration [t&t]

Extinction [t&t]

Genesis [t&t]


Mutagenic zone


Temporal stasis [aec]

[aec] - Labyrinth Lord Advanced Edition Companian
[t&t] - Theorems & Thaumaturgy


Requirements: none
Prime Requisite: INT
Hit Dice: 1d4
Maximum Level: none
Fight as: Magic User
Save as: Magic User
Armor: None
Weapons: Dagger, staff, dart, club, trident, pistol

Langushur is a land by and of the sea. Over the course of it's history, it's wizards have developed specialized
forms of magic which cater to the needs of a life on the waves. Control of weather, survival in the water, handling and repair of ships, navigation, and dealing with the creatures and monsters of the watery depths are the stock and trade of those masters of the arcane arts who have business on the great waters.

Spell List 

Like the vivimancer, many of the spells of the aquamancer come from the "Advanced Edition Companion" or "Theorems & Thaumaturgy". Most of the rest are from "Wizardzine #1", and a few are completely new.   As with the vivimancer, anyone choosing to play an aquamancer will get a copy of all the spell descriptions.

Attach/Command/Conjure Rope [t&t]
Arcane Lock [aec]
Aquatic Animal Growth [aec]
Aquatic Adaptation (reversible) [wiz1]
Create Water [aec]
Control Buoyancy [wiz1]
Boiling Sphere [wiz1]
Call to the Deeps [wiz1]
Divine Weather [aec]
Detect Magic [aec]
Dive [wiz1]
Create Food and Water [aec]
Feather Fall [aec]
Erosion (reversible) [wiz1]
Gust of Wind [aec]
Dispel Magic [aec]
Hold Portal [aec]
Fog Cloud [aec]
Lightning Bolt [aec]
Enslavement of the Drowned [wiz1]
Lasting Breath [t&t]
Knock [aec]
Locate Land [wiz1]
Ice Storm [aec]
Purify Water [aec]
Locate Object [aec]
Ocean’s Embrace [wiz1]
In the Belly of the Whale [wiz1]
Read Languages [aec]
Luminescent Swarm [wiz1]
Repair Hull (reversible)
Lower Water [aec]
Read Magic [aec]
Ride the Waves [wiz1]
Summon Aqautic Monster I  [aec]
Shockwave [wiz1]
Resist Cold [aec]
Sea Lust [wiz1]
Swarm Transformation, Aquatic [wiz1]
Skin of the Crab
Rope Walk [t&t]
Speak with Aquatic Animal [aec]
Tongues [aec]
Summon Aquatic Monster II [aec]
Seasickness (reversible) [wiz 1]
Tidal Force [t&t]
Water Breathing [aec]
Tidings [wiz1]
Seasong/Windsong [t&t]

Whale Speech [wiz1]
Transmute Liquid to Crystal (reversible) [wiz1]
Sound the Deeps [wiz1]

Spider Climb [aec]

Summon Aquatic Familiar [aec]

Unseen Servant [aec]

Wall of Vapour [aec]

Water Cannon

Water Walk [wiz1]

Atmpsphere Bubble [aec]
Aquatic Anti-Animal Shell [aec]
Conjure Land [wiz1]
Castaway [wiz1]
Cloudkill [aec]
Control Weather [aec]
Control Weather (Greater) [aec]
Summon Aquatic Monster [aec]
Conjure Elemental (air or water only) [aec]
Hallucinatory Island [wiz1]
Ghost Ship [wiz1]

Control Winds [aec]
Living Water
Raise Wreck [wiz1]
Ice Sphere [wiz1]
Part Water [aec]
Summon Aquatic Monster V  [aec]
Sink Island [wiz1]
Island Hop [wiz1]
Sirens’ Call [wiz1]
Wind Walk [aec]
Summon Aquatic Monster VII [aec]
Secret Chest [aec]
Summon Aquatic Monster IV [aec]

Summon Aquatic Monster III [aec]

[aec] - Labyrinth Lord Advanced Edition Companian 
[t&t] - Theorems & Thaumaturgy
[wiz1] - Wizardzine #1

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