Sunday, June 15, 2014

Westmist Session #73 - To the Gate!

  • Dai-sen opens the door to the cold room with the ice lizard thing, while the rest of the party lingers behind holding Meat/Princess Catherine. The ice lizard thing starts to snort and paw at the ground, obviously aggressive. It charges Dai-sen, who grabs Meat/Princess Catherine, hamstrings him/her, and pushed him/her into the room.
  • The ice lizard is distracted by Meat/Princess Catherine, so the party rushes past it and out the door on the other side of the room. Close door behind them to the sound of rending flesh.
  • Find themselves in a green room, with a green man holding a two handed sword standing in the center. He challenges the party and tells them they may not pass until a champion chops off the green mans head using the two handed sword. Dia-sen accepts, and takes the sword. The green man draws a longsword and stands ready for the duel. Dai-sen raises the two handed sword, and with a single swipe chops off his challengers head.
  • Party loots body as it hits the floor. Find a green leather bag around his neck, containing another silver key.
  • Party continues to next room, which has a black motif. Searching around , Gort pulls back the carpet and finds a trap door in the floor. Opening it reveals a shaft that drops at least 30' down. A torch is dropped, which reveals the shaft turns to a 45degree slope after about 40'. 100' of rope is lowered, and Dai-sen and Gort shimmy down. Once they reach the end of their rope, they find themselves in a 30' dungeon corridor. Call up to Erijay and Sloth, who follow them down.
  • Enter a room with a pattern of letters on the floor. Much discussion over how best to thwart this obvious trap. In the end Dai-sen walks boldly straight across one line of letters (NEHOG). Sloth follows by another straight route (GOHEN). Both feel measurably more competent when they reach the other side. Gort and Erijay try to be smart and cross diagonally; both begin to grow hair on cheeks and feel the urge to howl at the moon. 
  • Next room contain a number of prison cells. In one is a minotaur, which Gort tries to engage in conversation. The man-beast throws itself at the bars, trying to reach the dwarf and tear him limb from limb. Gort then explores an empty cell, only to be attacked from behind by an invisible form. Two blows later and the dwarf is dead before anyone can help. Help now comes in the form of the remaining three party members locking to dwarfs corpse in the cell with the unseen assailant, so they can avoid a similar fate.
  • In a third cell is a man with a bucket of paint and a brush, staring at a realistic painting of the moon on the wall. He barely responds to the party's presence, just muttering "the moon, the moon, beautiful moon" over and over.
  •  Leaving the lunatic behind, they party enters a huge room, with four 10' high vats, engraved with magical writing and  filled with frothing liquid. Sloth wanders around, and suddenly sights 4 naked men at the end of the room.
  • Sloth runs back to the Erijay and Dai-sen, who have been joined by a newcomer, a short round halfling named Sheriff Ironbritches. The strange men follow, and a fight ensues. 
  • The men have the same weird skin tone as the boxer and valet encountered in the chateau. One throws a lighting bolt at Erijay and Sloth, another tries to charm Dai-sen. Another stretches his arms to 20' long and tries to wrap Sloth in them. All four fall relatively quickly to the swords and arrows of the party, and their bodies disappears in a puff of oily smoke.
  • Erijay is boosted up to one of the vats for a look, and finds a pinkish frothy goo. Takes samples for later analysis. 
  • Heading out, the next room is a huge alchemical lab full of tables, benches, and alchemical glassware. When everyone is in, the door lock clicks shut, and a fine black powder begins to enter the room from hidden overhead vents. 
  • All four fall into a deep sleep and dream strange dreams:
    • Sloth dreams of falling for infinity.
    • Erijay dreams she is captured by strange lizard creatures who cage her and put her on display. She is saved by a passing wise man with one and a half heads and three eyes, who teleports her back to the dungeon. 
    • Sheriff dreams of saving an important courtier of the king, and of being make a Lord of the realm in reward. 
    • Dai-sen dreams of performing a heroic quest, something about saving a dragon from a fair maid or something. 
  • All four awake with no ill effects, although Dai-sen feels much mightier than before.
  • The room doors are now unlocked, so the party leaves by a new door and finds themselves in a series of corridors leading to various rooms. 
  • First room contains a pit filled with some sort of liquid, in the snetre of which bobs a glass sphere containing another silver key. Sloth dreams up a Rube Golbergish plan using ropes to lift out the sphere. Unfortunately the liquid turns out to be acid and the ropes dissolve. Dai-sen flicks a pebble at the sphere, which immediately shatters and drops the key into the pool. Where it dissolves. 
  • With a few grumbles, the party moves onto the the next room. It is an old storage room full of shelves thickly coated in cobwebs. Sloth pokes around and finds a box containing a scroll of magic user spells. Erijay claims the scroll.
  • Next room containing a pile of coins, 10' high and 40' long. Once shock wears off, Dai-sen suspiciously pokes the treasure pile with his sword.  At which point the pile rears up, exposing itself as a huge slime worm which then tries to swallow the noble fighter. Who dodges, and then joins with his companions to slay the the slimy slither-er.
  • They find the worm is covered in uncountable thousands of coins, mostly copper and silver, and some gold. They do scrap off as much gold as can be carried, and have to leave the rest.
  • In the next room they find three dog houses and a smell of brimstone. Figuring there must be hellhounds, the party flees the room and bars the door. 
  • Opening the next door, the party sees the object of their quest! A 10' silver gate! Unfortunately, their way is barred by a large amber coloured lion ...

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