Sunday, May 4, 2014

Westmist Session #70 - The Last Supper (For at Least a Few)

Once more in bullets:

  • Erijay joined the party after missing the original departure from New Breven.
  • Heading north from the fountain, the path curved around again, going from northwest to north, then to northeast. The party hears the chattering of squirrels, and spots a half dozen large amber squirrls dashing about the oak trees that tower above.
  • Gurruk noted they are not normal squirrels, a fact confirmed when Rylee sees one pluck an acorn, which promptly turns to gold!
  • Gurruk speaks to the squirrels. Finds that they do not leave this indoor forest, and the only thing they can turn to gold are the acorns. Squirrel agrees to come along with the party for a bit and act as a guide.
  • Meanwhile, Kern has visions of golden acorns stuck in his head. Borrows Darnorth's boots of levitation and sneaks back to the squirrels. Observed they are carrying the golden acorns to a hollow in one particular oak tree.
  • Kern levitates up to the hollow oak, and when the squirrels are off collecting, reaches his arm in and starts pulling out handfuls of acorns. Squirrels suddenly return; two start chattering at high volume and run off to the west, while three leap at the merchant and start biting and tearing at his nose and ears. Kern flails about, unable to knock them loose, while blood streams down his face.
  • Rest of party hears much cursing, screaming and chattering. Their squirrel guide gets upset and takes off, saying to Gurruk that the "Wild Hunt" will be awakened. At this point, a hill off to the west splits apart, and out pours five riders; one a goat headed man on a giant elk, two cat-like humanoids on sabre tooth tigers, and two fox-headed humanoids on dire wolves. These charge down onto the party, with lances leveled. 
  • While the rest of the party takes defensive positions, Darnorth stands out front to try reasoning with the Hunt. Says it's all a missunderstanding, Kern will put the acorns back. etc. 
  • The Wild Hunt continues to charge, but stops with the points of their lances inches from the dwarf. The leader, Andre-David d'Amberville demands that they leave the forest. They learn he made the forest and protects it, and the party is no longer welcome. The Hunt escorts the party to the western door leading into the rest of the chateau. 
  • Open door, enter a massive hallway with a red carpet over fine white marble floors. The walls and ceiling are covered in mirrors. The candelabras and chandeliers that line the passage suddenly light, sending out blinding flashes of light (and blinding Rylee and Gurruk). 
  • Party investigates first door which leads into a huge kitchen filled with ghostly hobgoblin servants preparing food. The servants ignore the party, and nothing else of interest is found.
  • Leave kitchen via a catwalk across the mirrored hallway, and enter a decayed banquet room.  A few moments after they enter, 2 dozen ghostly dinner guest enter through the south wall and seat themselves at a now visible ghostly table. There are place settings and name cards for each member of the party. Kern, Darnorth, Gurruk and Rylee and takes their places. Erijay and Bjorn decide to pass on supper.
  • The ghostly hobgoblins begin to carry in the courses:
    • Onion Soup and Amber Wine: Gurruk, Rylee and Darnorth all gain permanent new HPs. Kern does not partake.The wine cures Rylee and Gurruk's blindness.
    • Tossed Salad: All four try the salad, and gain and loose 1-2points from various ability scores.
    • Roast Beef, Rolls, Green Beans, Mushrooms in Wine Sauce, and Red Wine: Darnorth and Rylee try the bread: the dwarf no needs only half the usual nourishment, while the cleric now needs double. Several try the wine and Darnorth gets stinking drunk. All try the mushrooms, but Rylee fails a Save and rolls off his chair dead of toadstool poisoning. 
    • Apple Strudel & Brandy: Kern, Darnorth and Gurruk try both. When they try the brandy, the Kern and Darnorth find themselves now incorporeal, and are compelled to follow the rest of the guests when they leave the table and pass through the solid south wall. Kern and Darnorth have disappeared. 
  • Shocked by the loss of half the party, Erijay, Bjorn and Gurruk stumble out of the room. After a second look in the kitchen, they head down to hall, hoping to find something to help recover their fallen and phantasmal friends. Gurruk drags Rylees body with him.
  • Erijay listens at the first door, and hears deep purring. They move on to the next door.
  • There are no sounds behind the next door, so the party enters. The find a bedroom, and sitting on the bed are the ghostly figures of a man and a woman. These turn on the party and attack. Luckily the wraiths' energy drain has no impact thanks to Darnorths long ago wish, and they are quickly dispatched.
  • A search of the room find a safe hidden behind one of the mirrors. Erijay checks it out, and notices it's trapped. Gurruk in  a rage tries to break it open, hoping it contains something to help Rylee. Instead he releases a cloud of spores, which kill him. Once the spores settle, Bjorn and Erijay check out the safe and find it stuffed with 5000gp. They take what they can, then drag Gurruks body over with Rylees.
  • It getting late, the two remaining adventurers decide to settle down to rest for the night. When they do, a globe of amber light surrounds them. Deciding the day couldn't get much worst, the two largely ignore it and settle back to rest.

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