Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Updated House Rules

I've updated the house rules/rulings document. Additions are listed below, some of which have come out of play and a few that I've added because I like them and they may be needed at some time.

Casting from Spell Book: Unmemorized spells may be cast directly from a characters spell book. However, casting time increases from 1 round to 1 turn, and there is a 5% change per level that the spell will misfire and have no effect or a detrimental effect. This process also erases the spell from the book.

Thief’s Backstab: Can only be performed once per combat encounter, unless unusual circumstances permit the thief to “hide in shadows/move silently” again without being noticed by opponents.

Holy Symbols: A cleric requires a holy symbol to cast spells or turn undead.

Grenade Like Missiles: On a failed attack roll, the missile lands 5' in a random direction and affects anyone in that location, friend or foe. Roll 1d8 to determine direction.

Grappling: Attack as normal, without weapons. The successful attackers and defender both roll a combined number of d6's equal to their Hit Dice. On a tie, both parties struggle, neither able to take action. If the defender wins, he throws off all the successful attackers. They are stunned for a round. He may take his action as normal. If the attackers win, the defender is pinned and helpless.

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